Pay Attention To The Labels!

There are lots of other harmful chemicals hiding in your products, such as sodium Hypochlorite, Trisodium Nitrilotriacetate, Xylene, Phosphates, 2-butoxyethanol, Silica and Methylene Chloride and they all contribute to the poisoning of our environment. Phosphates, for example, are a water-softening mineral additive which acts as a fertilizer when introduced into the waterways and it results …

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What is Plastic Pollution?

Plastic pollution is a term that refers to any form of plastic that ends up in our environment. Plastics are cheap and capable of being stretched into any shape; plastics are also strong and very durable. Did you know that every product we purchase leaves an environmental footprint? Materials used to create products produces pollution. …

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

Reduce – The reduction in waste creates a knock on effect of there being less to recycle and reuse. A Way you can reduce waste is by using cloths’ instead of paper towels. Reuse – Reuse refers to the idea of using items numerous times before throwing them away, which reduces waste. Recycling – refers …

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