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At We Care Sustainable Living we offer a convenient online shop for the purchases of ethical, natural and organic products. We endeavour in zero waste, specialising in reusable, recyclable and biodegradable products. We do not compromise between the health of others and the health of our planet, we combine our interests in protecting human health as well as the environment whilst we fulfil the wants and needs of our customers as your values are what is most important to us.

We promote sustainable online shopping and have acknowledged how difficult it can be to find an online shop consisting solely of eco-friendly products. We aim to make it easier for you to shop and live more consciously allowing you to find natural environmentally friendly products all in one place!

Our marketplace is where you can locate and discover a wide range of eco-friendly products as we work closely with natural product suppliers to help detoxify, uplift and restore the atmosphere in your home, office or shop. Our products will help you to escape the harms of contemporary pollutants and keep you and those around you free from harsh, artificial or synthetic ingredients and other anonymities.

Did you know...

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Trees were planted in 2020
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Certified Products

We make it simple for our customers to find our what products suit their needs by granting access to are information and therefore label all of our products with their key characteristics some of which include;

Ingredients & Product Information

We care about everything we do, we care about the people we serve, we care about the people that make our clients satisfied, we care about the sales and after sale we give to our clients, we care about the health and self care of our clients and staff, we care about sustainability and we care about our environment."

We Care Sustainable Living

Our Packaging

We have taken extra care and thought when creating our packaging as we believe the packaging your product is delivered in is just as important in the product when helping the environment. We therefore align all of our packaging with our aims to help the world become a more environmentally friendly place all year round.

Advise and tips

We are strong believers that everyone can contribute to make a positive difference on the environment and the health of those around us and therefore the small changes can make a big difference in helping the environment and our customers to live a much greener life whether this may be swapping harmful chemicals in cleaning products to using all natural ingredients to sanitize your home,you can also find advise and tips on how to shop and live greener.

If your delivery arrives in a cardboard box, this will no-doubtably be 100% biodegradable or even made from recycled cardboard and our stamps are made from non-toxic water based ink.

All of our packaging can be re-used, recycled or even used as compost!

We take our Zero Waste concept very seriously and aim to keep the amount of plastic used for our products to an absolute minimum and have reduced all unnecessary package waste when shopping online and are committed to providing recyclable, reusable eco-friendly postage and packaging for all items. 

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